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Child care
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Helping your child develop at every stage

When you leave your children in our care, they enjoy an array of fun activities. Older children can develop their mind with books and computer games, while younger children can explore their creativity with a variety of arts and crafts activities. Before and after school care programs are available.

Our programs include:

Infant class (for babies 6 weeks until they start crawling)

The infant care program is based on tender, loving and individual care for each baby. We emphasize communication through touch and speech with each infant many times throughout the day. Staff members will talk to each infant at every opportunity, sing lullabies, and repeat the names of simple objects. Introductions to cup, spoon, and bowls are made at the appropriate times. Social interaction is introduced and supervised. Our program encourages the development of dexterity and ability. Daily schedules will vary with individual babies depending on their needs for napping, eating, and diaper changes. Our policy is to check diapers every 2 hours but will be changed more often if needed.

Crawler's class (for babies who are crawling up to approximately 18 months)

We begin teaching our babies American Sign Language in this class as a way for them to begin communicating.

Babies will be moved into this classroom when they are mobile through crawling depending on availability in the classroom. The children will interact with other babies their age; they are given opportunities to do some activities with play dough, finger paint, and food such as pudding. They also will do finger plays, songs, and nursery rhymes with the children in this class. Daily schedules are posted in the classroom.

Walker’s class (for approximate ages of 18 months to 2 years)

The following guidelines are used when considering a child’s readiness to join the walker program. Is the child:
1. Capable of walking steadily?
2. Increasingly interested in being social?

3. Capable of feeding him/herself?
4. Able to comprehend simple verbal communications?

The walkers program focuses on our belief that children are wonderful, small people who have limitless curiosity and a love for both the new and the old. We encourage independence through learning self-care skills (toilet training, washing, dressing, etc.) as well as verbalization, problem solving, and social interaction skills. Activities which foster large and small motor development are an important part of each day’s schedule. Promoting awareness of colors, shapes, and parts of the body stimulates cognitive growth. Stories, songs, music, dance, finger painting, and dramatic play aid in development of skills and increased attention spans, and ensure an enjoyable days for the child.

2 year old preschool class

In the 2 year old preschool class we do lots of fun activities including working on colors and shapes and learning many fun songs, finger plays and nursery rhymes.
In this class we start toilet training, as it is an important step in becoming independent. A child that is truly toilet trained by himself/herself, pulls down their pants, uses the toilet, wipes and pull up pants. Toddlers are nearing this important step. We encourage, but do not pressure, children who are “ready”. Signs of readiness are asking to be changed, mentioning soiled diapers, and staying dry overnight.

Our providers are willing to address the parent’s concerns and questions about toilet training.

Preschool age care

The preschool curriculum used at the Academy is a developmental approach based on a wide variety of “hands on” experiences. We encourage the staff to enhance the learning atmosphere by using additional resources. Our program provides an age developmentally appropriate environment for young children that respects and builds on individual, developmental and cultural differences among children.

The children experience a daily routine that requires them to plan, make choices, discover problems, explore solutions and recall experiences. The low student/teacher ratio enables the child to have a one-on-one learning experience.

Daily schedules will be posted in the classroom.

School-age children (SAC)

Koala Kids Academy provides before and after school programs as well as summer programs for children enrolled in 1st grade through 6th grade. Your child will be encouraged to participate in group activities with peers and to form friendships that will enhance individual growth. Children will enjoy a variety of field trips and exposure to guest speakers. The SAC program is very flexible, allowing your child to choose the activities he/she would like to participate in, ranging from sports and board games to arts and craft projects. Staff member are encouraged to allow your child to make individual choices and develop independence. (Transportation will be provided for pick-up at some selected schools where demand is highest). We will not provide transportation for kindergarten students in the middle of the day.


We follow the same curriculum guidelines at District 91 and 93 so children are able to go directly into public school following this program.

Kindergarten curriculum
1. Weekly Reader
2. Saxon Phonics & Zoo-Phonics
3. Show and Tell
4. Child Spotlighting
5. Saxon Mathematics
6. Library and Reading every day.
7. P.E. activities
8. Finger plays, songs and nursery rhymes
10. Social and Emotional Interaction
11. Field Trips
12. Scholastic Book Orders

Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

Koala Kids Academy provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack through the USDA Food program to children ages 1 year through 12 years at no additional cost to you. Infants are included in the food program by Koala Kids Academy providing one “house” formula, and providing baby food and baby cereal when the infant is old enough to begin eating baby food.
Breakfast will be served from 8:00am to 8:30am. Lunch served from 11:00am to 11:30am, and snack served at 3:00 pm.

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